About This Site

This website is designed to assist teacher candidates in meeting the following Alabama Quality Teaching Standards:

(3)(c)3.(i)  Knowledge of the role that mathematics plays in everyday life.

(3)(c)3.(ii)  Knowledge of the concepts and relationships in number systems.

(3)(c)3.(iii)  Knowledge of the appropriate use of various types of reasoning, including inductive, deductive, spatial and proportional, and understanding of valid and invalid forms of reasoning.

(3)(c)3.(iv)  Knowledge of both metric and customary measurement and fundamental geometric concepts, including shapes and their properties and relationships.

Students use the warm-up tutorial to review the concept of plotting points on a coordinate grid.  The lesson tutorial introduces students to algebraic concepts.  Students are then directed to application problems on the website to assist them in applying these algebraic concepts to various content areas. Assessment problems are also provided to test student knowledge of the concepts learned.